The Social Penetrator: "...every social networker's dream has at last come true" -G4 TV "Attack of The Show"
"Register for an eCirkit account, select a site from which to copy your data, enter your account information for that site, and press Start. It's instantaneous" -MSNBC
What is eCirkit? eCirkit is an extreme lifestyle community. Artists, speed- and thrill-seekers, non-conformists, extremophiles of every variety... that's who we are. Ready for a change? In the ecosystem of life, there are sheep, and there are wolves. Which one are you?
Why would I use it? FREEDOM. You own your data. You decide how to customize your page. SPEED. Get stuff done faster, with fewer clicks. POWER. The power to share, store, and connect. Anytime. Anyplace. From one place. Share and store your videos, photos, files, opinions, and bookmarks. Connect with people and events via e-mail, IM, forums. and RSS feeds. Connect to the Internet without leaving the site using eCirkit's built-in Web browser. No download necessary.
What is the Social Penetrator? Your key to getting back what's rightfully yours. Many sites lock what you upload behind bars to keep you coming back. The Social Penetrator frees your photos, videos, and items for sale and transfers it to eCirkit from YouTube, Flickr and Facebook, where you have full access and ownership.
What makes us different? You. The member who contributes to the community. Freedom. Speed. Power. All courtesy of our no-page-reload platform that provides instant access to all features. Ease-of-use. Your eCirkit WebTop windows work like your desktop windows. Open as many of them as you want, make them any size you want, and move them any place you want.
What is the Best Web Host Between WPX Hosting Vs Siteground? Your desktop on the Web. You open and close windows via the Toolbar based upon the features you are using, and control the size and position of each window on your WebTop, just like on your computer's desktop.
What is the Community? Your gateway to viewing member's profiles and content. It remembers the last profile you viewed this login period, so that profile is instantly available.
What is CirkitVision? eCirkit's media network, where you can watch our contest reality shows and view original, member-submitted video.
What are eCirkit Contests? eCirkit thanks members by letting them win cool stuff. Members can enter current contests, and winners gain fame by starring in a CirkitVision video.
"What would you say if somebody could offer you a Facebook, Google, Firefox, Flickr, YouTube site all rolled into one?" -REDHERRING.COM
"eCirkit is one of the latest and intriguing entrants into the Webtop Market" -NETWORK WORLD
"It has been long overdue that we as Internet users demand a faster way to get from point A to point B without ever having to hit the back button" -Bradley Farrell, CEO eCirkit
"A new take on social browsing" -MASHABLE.COM
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